Solar energy saves the environment, your finances and provide energy self-sufficiency.
Photovoltaics is a phenomenon of our time. Production of electricity from solar radiation dispenses entirely without additional fuel, raw materials and costs.

Photovoltaic Systems
Ground installations

Photovoltaics is the energy of the future.

  • Solar energy does not pollute the environment.
  • The state supports solar power in the form of a home in a new green savings program.
  • Photovoltaic power does not burden your surroundings without noise, odors, dust, fumes or harmful radiation.
  • The production of solar energy does not require any additional fuel or raw materials.
  • Photovoltaic power plant produces no waste.
  • No need to buy electricity from fossil fuels, the price increases every year.
  • Photovoltaic power plant does not require extensive maintenance or other investments.

Solar power plants have a lifespan of up to 30 years.

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We deliver turnkey photovoltaics

What is all part of the menu


  • Solar Panels
  • Converter (inverter)
  • Switchgear and circuit breakers - surge protection
  • Construction
  • Wiring - Cabling
  • Accumulation tank or heating coil - in the case of energy storage water heater
  • Battery - in the case of accumulation of energy to the batteries


  • Consulting
  • User training and recommendations to the appropriate mode of operation.
  • Transport and assembly.
  • Connecting and setting up the system, including functional testing, and revision.

Handling paperwork

  • Project documentation
  • Complete processing of grant applications
  • Grid connection
  • Building Authority
  • License
  • Registration in the OTE
  • Ensuring purchase surplus electricity to the specific distribution system - if necessary

Other options

  • Power management of the electricity produced wattrouterem
  • Monitoring FVE
  • Securing financing

Revenues photovoltaics by month

Revenues photovoltaics by month Graph

Example of 1 MWp PVP yield per month

Month kWh měs. přínos
January 30 550 3 776 €
February 46 763 5 780 €
March 81 921 10 125 €
April 107 180 13 247 €
May 131 074 16 201 €
June 122 882 15 188 €
July 136 535 16 876 €
August 121 516 15 019 €
September 85 335 10 547 €
October 70 316 8 691 €
November 29 423 3 637 €
December 21 504 2 688 €


985 000

121 746 €

To build the menu, it is necessary to know a large number of parameters:

  • A place where there should be a photovoltaic power plant located - the precise coordinates

  • How are these sites secured. Are investor-owned or leased

  • It is important to check the floor, which was found in the area. Likewise, snow and weather conditions

  • Instead of connecting to the grid

  • How the solution will power the area

  1. Based on the requirements of the client process a case study.
  2. We propose possible solutions project
  3. We will offer the final price of the project "turnkey"
  4. We contact all authorities concerned - especially civil union, DSOs
  5. We provide the necessary permits
  6. We offer any project financing
  7. We will install a security fence construction site
  8. Navezeme components and perform the actual installation of structures
  9. Navezeme alone photovoltaic cells and perform their installation
  10. There is involvement of individual panels and connections on the DC side
  11. After the laying of the substation will be connected to the AC side
  12. Will be connected to the grid
  13. We will review the plant and commence trial operation
  14. There will be a formal handover, all documentation and issuing the final statement

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All the paperwork associated with the construction of photovoltaic power glad to arrange it for you. We have a long experience with projects and we use that info to the smooth operation of the whole building.

For installation and connection of photovoltaic power plants are the most important:

  • The new subsidy program green savings.More information can be found on the website of the subsidy title
  • Building Act no. 183/2006 Coll.
  • Rules concerning the operation of the distribution system.For more information, visit the company's website: ČEZ, E-on and PRE.


The projects that we have implemented.

PV Napajedla, (CR)

PV Napajedla (CR)

Installation of photovoltaic power plants (800 kWp).
FVE Rakovník (CR)

FVE Rakovník (CR)

Installation of photovoltaic power plants (500 kWp).
FVE Moldovenesti (RO)

FVE Moldovenesti (RO)

Installation of photovoltaic power plants (2,97 MWp).
FVE Chiribis (RO)

FVE Chiribis (RO)

Installation of photovoltaic power plants (4,78 MWp).
FVE Salard (RO)

FVE Salard (RO)

Installation of photovoltaic power plants (3,74 MWp).
FVE Valea Lui Cati (RO)

FVE Valea Lui Cati (RO)

Installation of photovoltaic power plants (3,06 MWp).
FVE Prša (SK)

FVE Prša (SK)

Installation of photovoltaic power plants (1 MWp).
FVE Senec (SK)

FVE Senec (SK)

Installation of photovoltaic power plants (3 MWp).
FVE Velké Revištie (SK)

FVE Velké Revištie (SK)

Installation of photovoltaic power plants (900 kWp).

General partner

Filák - General partner